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John Watson writes about MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach) and MEET (the Middle East Experience Team) and their work in the Middle East.
The court ruling previously pronounced by a lower administrative court giving Bahā’īs the rights to state their religion in official documents is overturned by the Supreme Administrative Court.
Egyptian tabloid newspapers have become a major phenomenon in recent years. According to official figures, there are 100 - 150 Egyptian tabloid newspapers, which have obtained their licenses from a number of European countries, including England, Canada and Cyprus.
In this article Bishop Yohanna Qulta gives an overview of the history of the Crusader wars. He expressed the opinion that in order to study the history of the Crusades, we have to remove Islam and Christianity as motives for them because, they were not directed at Islam although they were fought...
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik discusses the issue of the rights of minorities in the Middle East, suggesting that current circumstances require foreign support in order to achieve justice for persecuted minorities and ethnic groups in the region.
The article a summary of a lengthy Arabic text Michael Meunier wrote to Father Marcos. He argues that the Copts of Egypt are a minority. Meunier introduced this text on the Copts Daily Digest of June 11 as “my response to those ignorant in Egypt who have no idea what the term means or whom it...
The Supreme Council for the Custody of Ahl Al-bait [the family of the Prophet] will file a suit against the Sheikh of the Azhar claiming that the Azhar is a possession of the family of the Prophet that it wants to get back.
Pope Shenouda III hailed national unity in Egypt during his meeting with the Cypriot president at the Egyptian embassy in Nicosia. He thanked president Mubarak for declaring January 7 a national feast for all Egyptians.
The author discusses the theocracy in Egypt that prevailed during the Pharaonic era.
The author discusses her reasons for attending and speaking at the much-criticized Washington conference entitled "Democracy in Egypt for Muslims and Christians."


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