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A former intern with the Center for Arab West Understanding, Mia Ulvgraven, provides a personal account of her time in Egypt, and how, as a Westerner, her views have been altered and corrected with living and working in the Middle East.
This article discusses the formation of the Arab-West Report. It talks about why the organization was formed and gives some important examples from the history of the organization such as the visit by the former Dutch Prime Minister Andreas van Agt.
Prof. Andreas van Agt explained great changes in the cultural climate of north-western Europe in the pasty decades, becoming more hostile to religion and certainly not only Islām. Muslims needs to understand those changes in order to be able to respond better to European critique on Islām and the...
Muhammad al-Bāz reports on Ronan Isaac’s article about the Prophet Muhammad and his wives.
The suspicious activity and behavior of Abū Laban and his extremists’ counterparts in Europe have played a role in issuing strict laws that limit the immigration of Arabs to Denmark, and in the spread of the fear of Islamic phenomenon.
The author of the article, Aḥmad Zakarīyah, writes about Shaykh Aḥmad Abū Laban, who was thrust into the international spotlight during the firestorm over the Danish cartoons, when he accused Denmark of being disrespectful of Islām and Muslims. Shaykh Abū Laban passed away two weeks ago at the...
The French Council for Islamic Religion [CFCM], the Grand Mosque of Paris and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France have filed a lawsuit against Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical political weekly newspaper, for reprinting the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on February...
Who won the battle, those who sought to modernize Islam, or the militants? The author discusses integrating Islam into society in the West, and questions which cultural community will be forced to sacrifice values for the sake of integration.
The writer comments on an article written in a French newsmagazine which makes a prejudiced comparison between the image of Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad.
The author of the article blames Muslims for failing to establish a fruitful dialogue with the West.


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