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Father Christian Van Nispen is a Jesuit who has lived in Egypt since 1962. He is a specialist in Islamic studies and plays a leading role in interreligious dialogue in Egypt.
A Dutch politician and animal rights activist has called for the halt of animal slaughter on a religious basis, explaining that it causes longer and unnecessarily pain to the animals before they die.
The Egyptian press reported on the international reactions to the controversial Dutch movie Fitna.
In a meeting with a Dutch delegation of religious institutions, the shaykh of the Azhar has declared that he does not mind meeting with Geert Wilders to explain the reality of Islam.
The article reports on the study of a Belgian newspaper affirming that Muslims in the Belgian capital Brussels will comprise the majority in 20 years.
The article analyzes the reverberations of the republication of a blasphemous caricature of the Prophet Muhammad by many Danish and European newspapers.
The article presents the reactions of Egyptian newspapers to the increasing offensives against the Prophet Muhammad in Western media.
The article presents the responses from Egyptian newspapers over the republication of the offensive drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.
A public swimming pool and municipality in the Eastern Netherlands are at odds over whether or not visitors to public pools should be permitted to swim in unusual costumes.
The article reports on the reprint of an offensive caricature of the Prophet Muhammad by many Danish and European newspapers that was made just one day after a plot to murder of its cartoonist was foiled.


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