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The article reviews an economic study prepared by Dr. Huwaydā ‘Adlī, an assistant teacher at Misr University for Science and Technology, which was entitled, ’Arabs in diaspora: Problems of merging and their impact on development in the Arab world.’
The Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has asked the European Union for money to help protect her while she is in the U.S. after she received death threats because of her outspoken criticism of Islam.
Mayy Samīr reports on a new Dutch short film, directed by Geert Wilders, the leader of the conservative Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), who is known for his anti-Islamic attitudes. The film will concentrate on the holy Qur’ān.
Islam is the target of Western and Zionists’ attacks. Muslims need to unite to defend their religion and any inter-religious dialogue is bound to avowing Islam as a heavenly religion.
The following lines provide information about Dr. Butrus Butrus Ghālī’s agenda. Dr. Ghālī is the chairman of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt. He recently met a delegation from the U.S Congress and discussed the different complaints against Egypt that have been presented to the...
The extremist right-wing of The Netherlands has opposed the appointment of Dr. Ṭāriq Ramaḍān at the University of Leiden Islamic Studies Chair, under claims that it had been financed by the fascist state of Oman.
The article gives a brief overview of the controversial Islamic thinker Dr. Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd.
Leiden University in The Netherlands has organized a seminar about the inevitability of bridging the gap between Islam and the West, in which a number of Arab intellectuals shared their perspectives on the issue.
The Ottoman Turkish genocide against the Armenian people is documented, proved and awaiting widespread international condemnation. The following lines present a background to the international reactions of the incident.
Jamāl al-Bannā, the author, rejects the activities of human rights organizations owned by some expatriate Copts in the West, saying that they seek to exploit the issues of Copts so as to practice a role in politics. al-Bannā calls upon the church to hold an international conference attended by...


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