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Dr. Cornelis Hulsman is nominated by Bishop Morcos for the World Alliance of Christian Communication’s peace award. Articles continue on the recent ILO report which claimed that Copts are discriminated against in Egypt.
Muslim women in Europe are under increasing pressure to abandon the niqāb.
‘Umar ‘Abd al-‘Azīz al- Shahāt interviews Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd.
Al-Fajr reports about Timothy Garton Ash’s response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s attacks on Islam.
The article reports on a government decision to ban the wearing of the hijāb on public transport as well as in other educational and government institutions.
A court in Haarlem city has punished three youths for attempting to burn down a mosque in 2004.
In the following interview, Muslim thinker Nasr Hāmid Abū Zayd discusses the present Islamic discourse, he refers to the history of the Islamic reformation in the 20th century and points out the current defects. Abū Zayd also tackles the problems of Egyptian society and the Azhar’s relationship...
Ḥatim al-Taḥāwī writes about Christian Van Nispen and his opinions concerning the Muslim-Christian dialogue.
The Dutch Foreign Ministry’s ambassador for human rights praised the council for its development and activities since his last visit three years ago. The growth in the organization confirms its credibility and its support of human rights in Egypt.
In the wake of the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a suspected Islamic fundamentalist who has dual Moroccan and Dutch nationality at the beginning of last November, a group of Dutch Muslims and Jews are making endeavors to continue dialogue and bridge the gap between the two sides. - See art...


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