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Associated Press has revealed that Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican pope, is currently planning to restore the Vatican office that specializes in relations and dialogue with Muslims.
The Basilica of Saint Peter has recently seen the inauguration of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City 16 days after the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
When Pope John Paul II paid a historic visit to Syria in 2001, he entered the Umayyad Mosque, where Muslims used to head right and Christians used to head left for prayer during the 7th century.
The Knights of Malta and al-Qā‘idah are religious-military organizations established to drive enemies away.
Khātimī became one of the most famous Muslim clerics to visit the Vatican since the pope’s controversial speech in Regensburg.
Out of concern for the shaykh of the Azhar, the Azhar institution itself, and Muslims, the top political authority in Egypt has requested to arrange the visit of Azhar shaykh to the Vatican.
The Vatican pope has officially invited the grand Shaykh of Azhar to visit him.
Muslims refuse the Vatican pope’s invitation to the Azhar shaykh.
‘Alī al-Simmān asked the Vatican to carry out a study on the Crusades in order to carefully determine the extent of damage and abuses inflicted on the Muslim people at that time.
The Vatican pope has launched a clear attack on Western countries in his newest publication, remarking that these countries have ransacked and plundered Africa and the other poor regions of the earth.


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