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Statistics from Britain’s last census show that of the 1.1 million people living in the U.K., but born abroad, over 600,000 originate from Islamic countries.
Washington has dedicated 300 million dollars to sustain reforms in 13 countries, but this is simply a way to ensure the loyalty of the corrupt consciences. Furthermore, the funding violatesa main principle of the international system, which makes the changing of regimes or governments the...
Racist acts against Muslims and Arabs living in Britain have risen since the July 7 terrorist attacks on London. Official sources have since reported more than 270 incidents of violence and discrimination against Muslims and Arabs across Britain.
Arab and Islamic countries have turned a blind eye to extremists, thus giving them the green light to collect money and infiltrate into many establishments, such as educational institutions.
In the light of the sad London blasts, one is sad for the British losses, as well as the Muslim losses. Whenever wise people promote the good core of Islam, unwise people destroy what was done.
No one could deny that the 1980 amendment of the second article of the Egyptian Constitution to have the Islamic sharī‘a [law] as the main source of legislation has raised a lot of sensitivities for the fellow Coptic citizen, whether inside or outside Egypt.
Throughout the glorious Islamic history, the Arabs have entered numerous battles and in all of these battles the spiritual leader used to ask the masses to give him their minds first before sacrificing their souls.
Youssef Sidhom printed in March an article written by the Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdel - Aziz on the importance of The Survival of Arab Christians, and was criticized for this by a reader who presented him an article with a list of examples of how Christians are treated in Saudi Arabia.
Khalid Dowran is a Muslim Arab living in America. He wrote a book titled “The Seed of Abraham…Towards an Understanding of Islam.” The book caused a wide controversy to the extent that the leader of one of the Islamic groups in Jordan issued a fatwa that charges Dowran of kufr [unbelief]. In the...
The American Administration asked some Arab countries to amend their school curriculums. This story did not start with the September 11 incidents but began some months before when the US State Department made a study, in cooperation with the European Union (EU), of the curriculums for the different...


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