The Maspero Youth Union: Still going Strong?

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Thu, 2014-10-30
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The Maspero Youth Union: Still going Strong?


AWR, Cairo, October 30, 2014


The revolutionary fervor of 2011 reinvigorated civil society across the Arab World and saw the rise of a number of movements that proceeded to challenge the status quo. As part of a more recent project on Coptic movements since 2011, CAWU Intern René Witteveen has interviewed two of the top organizers with the Maspero Youth Union – General Coordinator, Mina Magdy and head of Political Communications, Beshoy Tamri to talk about the future of the movement.




Candllight Vigil at Maspero (Source: J. Rashad, Flickr Creative Commons)

The Union was created during the Spring of 2011, but forged in the aftermath of the 21 October 2011 Maspero Massacre, wherein 20 Copts died, and in the aftermath became one of the most vocal groups calling for justice of those responsible. Since then, however, the Union has taken a step back from direct action street protests and the movement is diversifying its ‘political cards.’

“The climate has changed. If you want to organize a protest, you have to think a thousand times, because of possible violence,” says Beshoy. To which Mina adds, “We are now more focused on ‘building people’.”

Read more of the interview on Arab West Report.


Cornelis Hulsman

Editor-in-Chief, Arab-West Report


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