Newsclippings from International Sources

Collected between December 14, 2013, till October 21, 2016. These are excerpts from various media with critiques or comments from a qualified content editor.

Date of source Title Source
2015-10-13 Women in 'hot pants' to be barred from Egypt polls: official Middle East Eye
2015-10-13 The Presbyterian Church’s Enduring False Witness CAMERA (Committee for...
2015-10-13 Fahmy says Harper did not understand 'urgency' of his situation in... CP 24 News
2015-10-13 Writer: U.S. policy to blame for Christian persecution in Middle East ChristianExaminer
2015-10-12 Egypt: A Few Pardons Doesn’t Mean Justice Geopolitical Monitor
2015-10-12 A tale of two Octobers: Egypt’s Maspero and Tunisia’s Nobel prize Al-Arabiya
2015-10-12 Forced disappearance, from Argentina to Egypt Egypt Independent
2015-10-12 Egyptian Television Host Confuses Video Game for Russian Airstrikes in Syria Egyptian Streets
2015-10-12 Coptic community voices rejections of Al-Nour Party’s candidates Daily News Egypt
2015-10-12 Women in Egypt’s Parliament: Growing Presence but Little Change Egyptian Streets
2015-10-12 Prophecies come true: When there’s nowhere to hide from culture Daily News Egypt
2015-10-12 Egyptian Court Orders Release Of Hosni Mubarak’s Sons In Corruption Case International Business...
2015-10-11 Egypt: Court Upholds Prison Sentence of Islamic Show Host Islam Al-Beheiry All Africa
2015-10-11 Israel May Outlaw Muslim Brotherhood Frontpage Magazine
2015-10-11 Brotherhood member killed in Egypt police raid Middle East Monitor
2015-10-11 Egyptians face religious extremism with song Al Monitor
2015-10-11 Calls to release another journalist show Al Jazeera isn't Egypt's... AlBawaba News
2015-10-10 In the coming days, construction will commence on a new church in Egypt... Breitbart News Network
2015-10-10 Detainee dies in Port Said General Hospital Daily News Egypt
2015-10-10 Al-Nour Party defends its national belonging Daily News Egypt