Newsclippings from International Sources

Collected between December 14, 2013, till October 21, 2016. These are excerpts from various media with critiques or comments from a qualified content editor.

Date of source Title Source
2015-10-01 Egypt - Why No Pardon For Bishoy Boulos, The Broadcaster Still Behind Bars? Cross Rhythms
2015-10-01 Egypt’s interior ministry blocking release of pardoned prisoners: NGO AlBawaba News
2015-10-01 Al-Sisi's UN claims refuted with 60 journalists behind bars: ANHRI Middle North Africa...
2015-10-01 Where are all the people going? In a new wave of repression under the Sisi... New Statesman
2015-10-01 Egypt: After the presidential pardons AhramOnline
2015-10-01 'Taht al-Saytara', 'Baad al-Bedaya' Ramadan series honored... Egypt Independent
2015-10-01 Egypt police shoot dead 4 Brotherhood members Worldbulletin
2015-09-30 Australian Journalist Peter Greste asks for Egypt’s presidential pardon International Business...
2015-09-30 Rights groups outraged by Sisi’s praise of media freedom in Egypt Middle East Monitor
2015-09-30 Egyptian Blogger Says in Video How His Views Have Changed Since ‘Back When I... The Blaze
2015-09-30 EU official: 60% of Egyptian immigrants to Italy are children and minors Middle East Monitor
2015-09-30 The Caliph's Revenge The International...
2015-09-30 Al-Sisi′s Egypt Hopes for a free press fading
2015-09-30 Egyptian student still in jail because of T-shirt Deutsche Welle
2015-09-30 Egypt's Pope Tawadros II calls on Copts to part ways with religious parties AhramOnline
2015-09-30 Reporters sans Frontières (Paris) Egypt: RSF Calls for Release of Six... All Africa
2015-09-29 Jackson Diehl: The case for pressuring Egypt’s president The Commercial Appeal
2015-09-29 Beyond the pardons, press freedom still under threat in Egypt Committee to Protect...
2015-09-29 Egypt's Sisi to CNN: Egypt enjoys unprecedented freedom of expression AhramOnline
2015-09-29 Europe’s Migrant Crisis Is Simply Muslim History vs. Western Fantasy PJ Media