Newsclippings from International Sources

Collected between December 14, 2013, till October 21, 2016. These are excerpts from various media with critiques or comments from a qualified content editor.

Date of source Title Source
2015-09-23 Will Egypt’s religious parties be banned before the elections? Al Arabiya News
2015-09-23 “Wake Up!”: Muslim Persecution of Christians Abetted by the West Frontpage Magazine
2015-09-23 Carson's Right -- Islam is Incompatible with the Constitution American Thinker
2015-09-23 HRW: Egypt violated international law in Sinai demolitions Jurist
2015-09-23 Prisoner pardons a relief but little more than token gesture Amnesty International
2015-09-22 Helping peace take root in Egypt Anglican Communion News...
2015-09-21 Salafis condemn columnist who said Muslims acquire faith coincidently Egypt Independent
2015-09-21 Is this the next movie to be banned by Egypt? Al Monitor
2015-09-20 Mexico Demands Answers From Egypt After Wounded Tourists Return Home Travel Pulse
2015-09-20 Egypt court rejects Mahinour El-Masry’s legal challenge, upholds sentence AhramOnline
2015-09-20 In A Viral Video, A Misleading Taste Of What It's Like In Egyptian Prison NPR
2015-09-20 In Egypt, family of those 'accidentally' killed speak out Deutsche Welle
2015-09-19 Its HD movies; Persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt – with a critical...
2015-09-19 European Council president on first visit to Egypt Daily News Egypt
2015-09-19 Egyptian billionaire wants to buy an island for refugees MSNBC
2015-09-18 NGO sues to expel Norway TV from Egypt The
2015-09-17 Media gag Egyptian Arabic media on accidental killing of Mexican tourists Arab-West Report
2015-09-17 Allahu Akbar!': Migrants rampage, attack police Invasion of Europe 'a... WND
2015-09-15 Egypt sentences 8 alleged Muslim Brotherhood members to death over killing of... Associated Press
2015-09-14 Candidate applications lower than past elections: Election monitors Egypt Independent