Newsclippings from International Sources

Collected between December 14, 2013, till October 21, 2016. These are excerpts from various media with critiques or comments from a qualified content editor.

Date of source Title Source
2015-08-31 How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense How most of the... Frontpage Magazine
2015-07-17 Why things could get even worse for reporters in Egypt Columbia Journalism...
2014-10-03 What Egypt's President Sisi Really Thinks danielpipes
2014-10-01 Another defendant in bombing Evangelical church in Minya arrested mcndirect
2014-10-01 Coptic Solidarity criticizes The Working Group on Egypt’s letter to Obama mcndirect
2014-10-01 Private school in Giza segregates Christian and Muslim students mcndirect
2014-09-30 Thugs reap crops of land owned by Coptic family, police refuse to intervene mcndirect
2014-09-30 Armant Misdemeanor Appeals Court confirms sentence against Kyrillos for... mcndirect
2014-09-30 Coptic mother of kidnapped Christian girl to go on hunger strike in front of... mcndirect
2014-09-29 Qusiya Copts ask President Sisi to save them from threats and royalties mcndirect
2014-09-29 Egyptians most recruited by Islamic State: Int’l center for study of... mcndirect
2014-09-29 Accusations of collusion between security authorities and perpetrators in... mcndirect
2014-09-28 Transmissions of hope through Cairo’s satellite dishes dailynewsegypt
2014-09-28 Muslim Brotherhood member attacks and injures 5 members of Coptic family in Al... mcndirect
2014-09-28 Muslim Brotherhood: ISIS is a U.S. Conspiracy clarionproject
2014-09-27 Egypt postpones verdict in case against ex-president Mubarak Reuters
2014-09-27 Coptic Christians clash with police in Egypt The Associated Press
2014-09-27 Egypt postpones verdict in case against ex-president Mubarak Reuters
2014-09-26 Proposed Egyptian law to reduce restrictions on building churches Al-Monitor
2014-09-25 Egypt awards new gas exploration rights to Italy's ENI english.ahram