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The Coptic Orthodox Church is still considering boycotting the parliamentary elections due to the National Democratic Party’s failure to choose any of its Coptic candidates in Alexandria. The Church says that it awaits the Pope’s decision on the matter. Meanwhile, the Coptic Orthodox Community...
Demonstrations for the Kamilia Shehata incident were held outside the Al-Kaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria by two groups. One group was led by Dr. Mohamed Mohey El-Din who is rumored to be running for presidency in the upcoming elections. Those praying at the mosque confronted some demonstrators...
Pope Shenouda expresses his opinion regarding a number of issues.
Pope Shenouda talks about the Coptic situation in Egypt and the role of the government.
Pope Shenouda is back in Alexandria after a 12-week absence.
Bishop Bīshūy announces that Pope Shenouda III will return to meet the Coptic public in Alexandria.
A new pope’s deputy is assigned in Alexandria, and Pope Shenouda is still absent from his supposed weekly sermons there.
The author reports on a lawsuit filed by the lawyer of the Patriarchate of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria against the governor and other figures responsible for destroying a building that belongs to the church under allegedly false claims of containing violations.
Pope Shenouda defrocks his deputy in Alexandria. The community council refuses the term “defrock” and calls the decision a “normal procedure.”
Pope Shenouda is still absent from Alexandria and the governor denies any conflicts with him.


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