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Pope Shenouda has different ways of reacting to conflicts. However, the author claims that he can always get what he wants.
The head of Alexandria municipal council apologizes to Pope Shenouda for offenses.
For the seventh time in a row, Pope Shenouda III was absent from his weekly sermon in Alexandria. Tense relationships with the governor are said to be behind the absence.
Rumors spread attributing Pope Shenouda’s repeated absence from his weekly sermons in Alexandria to alleged conflicts with the governor. Church sources deny the rumor and announce the pope will recommence his sermons soon.
Shukrī reports on three different issues related to Muslim-Christian relations. First he comments on the ruling regarding Christians who converted to Islam and now want to re-embrace Christianity. Secondly he comments on a Muslim that was killed by a Copt in Alexandria and finally he mentions the...
Social services buildings that are affiliated to churches have to go through rigorous licensing hurdles before they are legal, even if the building is not going to be used as a church at all.
The article discusses a tragedy that took place in Alexandria last week when a 12-storey building collapsed into another one, killing dozens of local residents.
The article reports on attacks on an ancient convent in Alexandria.
Bishop Bīshūy meets with the governor of Alexandria to discuss the recent tension in Muslim-Christian relations there.
The article discusses an incident of violence between Muslims and Christians. The incident started with a simple quarrel on the street, which appeared to have been resolved until the following day when the violence erupted.


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