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The recent "National Role of the Egyptian Church throughout the Ages" symposium was exemplary as a useful. Sabah Al-Kheir followed on the event and attended the researches, studies and discussions presented.
Icons represent visual messages or lessons and are easy for even the illiterate to understand. The article mentions some of the most important icons.
Throughout Islam’s 1400 years in Egypt, the nation has witnessed the cohesiveness of its national fabric and solidarity between Muslims and Christians.
Following the spread of the rumor of appearances of the Virgin Mary at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Al-Minya Al-Qamh, Al-Sharqeyya Governorate, Pope Shenouda called for an investigation. The committee concluded that there have not been appearances.
[Father Abd Al-Sayyid is the Pastor of Mari Girgis church in Hadayik Al-Maadi] The curse of Christ is still following the Jews up till today and it will follow them until they repent and give back the rights of the people, which they have stolen.
[Father Abd Al-Sayyid is the Pastor of Mari Girgis church in Hadayik Al-Maadi] Keeping silent was the doctrine of Jesus Christ as he refused to defend himself against all the lies and the claims that were exposed against him.
No for the pagan adoption; yes for Islamic custody. A Coptic priest believes adoption to be a pagan creation inherited from Byzantine law. Islam replaces adoption with custody to protect family relationships and the holiness of matrimony. Adoption has infiltrated western societies which renounced...
A quirky article giving information on the court appearance of the monk dismissed from the Mari Girgis Monastery in Al-Khatatba.
Four persons attacked the monk. They tied his hands with ropes and chains, shaved his beard, cut his hair, forced him to take off his robe and beat him. In an official report they also accused him of trying to rape a young man.
Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zakzouk, the Minister of Endowments, announced that all arable lands registered as Coptic endowments will be given back to the Coptic Endowments Authority. These lands were managed by the Egyptian Endowments Authority. The Ministry has started to change this situation beginning...


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