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Zaynab Radwan, the deputy speaker of the parliament and a professor of Sharī‘ah recentlysubmitted a number of proposals to Parliament. Amongst other things, the proposals called for Bahā’īs’ rights to obtain formal documents and stated that Christian wives of Muslim men should be able to have a...
Lawyer Muntasir al-Zayyāt will deliver a speech in Rome about the circumstances which force Islamists to be involved in violence and terrorism.
The article discusses Yūsuf Sidhum’s recent speech at Claremont Graduate University in California, and highlights Sidhum’s expectations for the reform that is anticipated in Egypt, and the problems that are yet to overcome.
The author records the relations between Arab Muslims and the West, noting that many Westerners believe that all Muslims are terrorists and that Islām is a religion of violence and terror.
Ahmad Murād and ‘Arwa Hassan investigate the real motives and objectives of conferences held abroad by Egyptian immigrant Copts. Experts and analysts believe that this minority serves anything but the interest of its own homeland.
The authors criticize the United Nation’s failure to properly reform its discredited Human Rights Commission, and call on the U.S. to divert funding to other human rights organizations if the U.N. continues to allow tyrants and dictators into the council.
This Coptic author Salīm Najīb, the head of the Canadian Coptic Organization, is criticizing the article by Muslim journalist Usāma Salāma, which he says was filled with anti-Coptic threats and warnings against the bids to internationalize issues of Copts in Egypt.
Fādī Habashī rejects the decision of ‘Adlī Abādīr to present a report about the Coptic issue to the International Committee for Human Rights affiliated to the UN, pointing out that the church in Egypt, as well as Coptic public figures, has rejected such a step.
The author strongly rejects discussing the Coptic file in the UN, believing that there are hidden Zionist influences behind such step. He unleashes a severe criticism at Eng. ‘Adlī Abādīr who presented the report to the European headquarters of the UN.
Coptic intellectuals are divided over the step taken by Coptic activists in the West to discuss the Coptic file before the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. Some believe that such step is the only possible action in order to attract the government’s attention to the problems of Copts,...


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