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Cornelis Hulsman; a Dutch scholar on Arab-West relations and Editor-in-Chief of Arab-West Report first visited Egypt in 1975. Hulsman's line of work is primarily linked to Christian-Muslim relations and he strongly believes that religious issues and relations are an important element of...
Conversion in Egypt is a complicated and thorny issue.
Washington Times reports on a meeting between Obama and the Brotherhood behind closed doors The American newspaper "The Washington Times" reported that American President Barak Obama met last week with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood who were part of a delegation of Islamist leaders to...
 Cornelis Hulsman's farewell speech given at Cairo University in June 2009.
The article is a response to questions received by AWR in 2003 from different Western churches, Christian organizations, Christian leaders and Human Rights Watch, based on material from Western sources and interviews with a few western missionaries then living in Egypt.
The author discusses the background, aims, and plans of so-called International Islamism. He comments on what he believes to be the three trends that make up International Islamism, and the main platforms that they rely on.
The article presents the transcript of a lecture for the Arab Thought Forum. It considers media distortions and mis-representation in the media that only serve to further antagonize Muslim-Christian relations and the perception of Islam and the Arab world in the West. Drs. Cornelis Hulsman explains...
American minister Jerry Falwell apologized to Muslims for what he said about Prophet Muhammad being a terrorist. Some papers believe that Falwell?s statement is part of the campaign against Islām and shows how Zionism is rooted in American Christianity.
The review highlights the Muslim Brotherhood’s position during the judges crisis that has recently gripped the nation, amidst accusations that the outlawed group is trying to take advantage of the crisis to escalate its confrontation with the regime.


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