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The Administrative Court approved the Azhar decision not to enroll Christian students at the Azhar University.
"The Azhar and the West; dialogue and communication," this was the title of the conference that was held on January 3, 2009. The following lines present extracts from the words of Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, president of the Azhar University, Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, grand imām of the Azhar and Dr. Mahmūd...
Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyib, president of the Azhar University called for finding a vent out of the crisis of Arab-West dialogue to present the correct image of Islam.
The author complains about the conservative, Muslim values that are pervading Egyptian society, as demonstrated by a young woman who would not shake the hand of the president of the Azhar for religious reasons.
According to the author, people have not paid a lot of attention to the lawsuit that the grand imām of the Azhar has filed against the editor in chief of al-Fajr because people did not believe that he would enter into such a personal conflict.
The appearance of bizarre fatwás goes against the tolerant nature of Islam writes Amānī Mājid.
The article covers issues that have made the headlines in Egypt in the last month and includes the story of a postman was detained for two months, a fatwá thatwas issued declaring that non-Muslims are not apostates and the contentious issue of a piece of land near St. Macarius monastery that has...
Has rejected the suggestion that the grand Imām be chosen from the members of the Islamic Research Academy.
Dr. Aḥmad Subḥī Manṣūr, the leader of the Qur’ānis, calls for removal of the Sunnah from Islam because it was recorded 200 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad in a time when injustice, tyranny and immorality were spread amongst people.


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