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What does the Brotherhood have that scares the government? One of the deputies of the General Guide of the Brotherhood is a Syrian. How can Egyptian’s accept this, the paper asks. The arrests of major members of the Brotherhood have caused an internal turmoil. Some Brothers see the crackdown as a...
Truth has got one face. But every accident has hundreds of false faces. Egypt has become the target of malicious lie sellers who are praying every day in the temple of manipulation. One of them is the conspiracy of the truck against the Copts. Another attack comes through a highly selective way of...
The media no longer reports news of killing of tourists in Egypt. Terrorism has been finished. The media, however, reports from time to time news of killing of books and confiscation of thoughts of their writers. This is as bad. Physical elimination equals spiritual elimination.
The article gives an overview of all permits which were given in 1998 concerning the building and restoration of churches. 25 new building permits were given and in Assiut and el-Minia 52 permits were given to restore existing churches.
The strong do not remain silent, and the patriotic do not veil their witnesses and words of truth. In a time of crisis the talk about such types of people reveal like a precious metal. Father Matta Al-Meskin is one of them.
Even if the strange and weird events regarding the incident of Al-Koshh and the response in the Egyptian media had not happened, it would have been invented by the Telegraph so as to find an excuse to talk about the illusion of the persecution of Copt’s in Egypt.
The ’Persecution Show’ in Al-Kushh is a new series in the many series being played against Egypt by its enemies for what came of events last August 15 in Al-Kushh did not deserve more than a 10-sentence news item in a local newspaper in its accident pages, even if this paper were a ’yellow journal...
A 200 square meter mosque will move to the first floor because the place will be turned into a store.
The use of Fatwas (religious decrees) has been exploited to the full: the murder of President Sadat generated a Fatwa, the attack on the Population Conference in 1994 resulted in another Fatwa, the lootings of gold shops was followed by a Fatwa and the list is long.
Hazem Al-Kilani, a young member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, submitted his resignation from the Brotherhood, along with an extensive critique of the organization.


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