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Dr. 'Isām Sharaf, Prime Minister, announced the new governors reshuffle. The governors reshuffle included 11 new governors, transfer of four governors and appointing three governors' deputies.
The article discusses a tragedy that took place in Alexandria last week when a 12-storey building collapsed into another one, killing dozens of local residents.
The sixth round of the Egyptian-German dialogue which the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS] organizes begins its proceedings today.
‘Amr Bayyūmī reports on the statements of Archpriest Bīshūy Nārūz, deputy-secretary of the Bishopric of Qinā, who affirmed that the bishopric decided to cancel its annual Iftār celebration in protest to the governorate’s frequent disregard of the church’s demands to build or restore houses...
Pope Shenouda ignored all questions about his illness during his sermon at St. Mark’s Church in Alexandria
Bishop Bīshūy meets with the governor of Alexandria to discuss the recent tension in Muslim-Christian relations there.
The article highlights the agreement between the pope and Alexandria’s governor to solve any sectarian disagreement that may occur. The church attitude toward those who attended the laymen’s conference is also explained in this article.
The Coptic Orthodox Church is currently celebrating the return of Pope Shenouda III to Egypt after undergoing spinal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. The celebrations coincided with the 35th anniversary of His Holiness’ enthronement as pope of Alexandria...
At the annual iftār feast in Alexandria, the Pope asserted the importance of continual meetings between Muslims and Copts.
A delegation of the Norwegian churches paid tribute to religious co-existence in Egypt, saying that Egyptians have managed to create an umbrella under which Muslims and Christian can live. They added that they saw examples of coexistence in markets and in the streets.


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