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Drs. Hulsman comments on the recent incidents involving a monastery in Minia, and a number of articles in this issue that point to sectarian tensions.
While the majority of Muslims call to boycott The Netherlands because of the offensive movie ’Fitna,’ some extremists attacked Dutch interests in certain countries. However, Dr, ‘Alī Jum‘ah, the muftī of Egypt explained the way he reacted: “I carried the Glorious Qur’ān, kissed it and read it for...
In his interview with al-Sharq al-Awsat, Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī reveals the reasons why he is forbidden from entering the U.K., expressed his opinion about the unremitting Western offenses against Islam and called on Muslim countries to react to the offenses.
Akmal al-Dīn Ughlū has stated that some radical intellectuals in certain European countries believe that it is only through insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad that they can demonstrate their commitment to freedom of expression.
The World Conference of Religions for Peace has welcomed an inter-religious dialogue initiative that has been called for by the Saudi King after his meeting with the Catholic pope last November.
The article reports on the baptism of the prominent media figure Majdī ‘Allām during the Easter ceremonies.
In the following interview with al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī, the Vatican nuncio to Egypt, Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald asserts the Catholic Church’s condemnation of all kinds of discrimination, highlighting the significance of dialogue and calls for mutual respect between Muslims and Christians. He...
The author highlights the tense relationship between the muftī of Egypt Dr.‘Alī Jum‘ah and the Grand imām of the Azhar, Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī.
While Islamic institutions and Islamic scholars do their best to initiate a fruitful effective dialogue with the Vatican, the latter still needs to address Muslims in a more rational and diplomatic way. The author doubts the Vatican faithfulness to its dialogue with Islam.
Hāshim Sālih praises the inter-religious initiative that the Saudi King ‘Abd Allāh Bin ‘Abd al-‘Azīz has called for, saying that it may find a way to end the current religious struggles.


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