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The declaration to establish the Muslim Brotherhood party has triggered a big reaction in the media. Some consider the move to be a political maneuver, due to the dilemma the Brotherhood passed through after students connected to it held a parade at the Azhar University. Others saw it as a step...
A national center for translation is established by a presidential decree.
Hilmī al-Nimnim answers October’s rumor about the Azhar preventing a book from being published.
Saad Eddin Ibrahim’s lawyer presented a demand to release Saad Eddin for health reasons. Lawyers and intellectuals are also considering making a request to President Mubarak to stay the execution of the prison sentence. Officials demonstrated a positive sign to easing the crisis when they...
Prominent poet and thinker Adūnīs gave a lecture at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on a new ideological perspective of his book entitled, ‘Al-Thābit wa-al-Mutahawwi’ [The Constant and the Variable], published in Beirut in 1972.
The author reviews a document purportedly sent by Hasan al-Bannā, the founder and murshid of the Muslim Brotherhood, to the 1944 Arab conference in which he demanded pan-Arab political, economic and military cooperation.
The honor and shame culture is examined in discussion of the insult of raising a shoe towards an opponent and it is argued that the government must take real action in the face of such behavior.
The author presents a meeting between Ahmad ‘Abd al- Mu‘ti Hijāzī a famous Egyptian poet and the muftī in which Hijāzī talked about the relationship between scholars, extremism and terrorism. The muftī boasted that all those who proved to be extremists or terrorists were not graduates of...
The article covers the recent visit of Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid to Egypt, the first since he left Egypt eight years ago.
The press review tackles the controversy sparked during a symposium convened to discuss the Coptic heritage encyclopedia, issued by the Yuhannā al-Habīb publishing house.


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