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The following article highlights the life of the Reverend Professor John Macquarrie, who passed on May 28, 2007. He has been hailed as a master of Christian theology.
Who won the battle, those who sought to modernize Islam, or the militants? The author discusses integrating Islam into society in the West, and questions which cultural community will be forced to sacrifice values for the sake of integration.
The speech of Mr. Ahmad Māhir, former foreign minister of Egypt, on ’Freedom of expression and respect for the other. How to respond if one is offended.’
Father Shenouda Marqus rejects the Danish cartoons and expresses his understanding for the angry feelings of Muslims, but at the same time wonders why Muslims in Egypt do not show the same level of sanctity towards Christianity, which he feels is being humiliated everyday in Egypt.
The author starts his article by speaking about the growing importance of civil society in Egypt, especially at a time in which the world is moving towards a new international system. He then speaks about the liberal tendencies initiated by German philosopher Georg Hegel and gives the opinions of...
The orientalist René Genou converted to Islam after first converting from Christianity to Masonic beliefs. He found refuge and peace of mind in Islam, which is still hanging to spiritual values that are no longer present in the West.
The author of this article strongly opposes the article published in the last issue in which Dr. Hassan Hefni called for forming political parties based on religion. According to the author of this article, forming political parties based on religion is a dangerous call that leads to the...
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