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The Holy Family came to Egypt, says the Biblical text. But it is silent on what they did once there. Coptic Orthodox tradition has filled in the details. And now, as Arab West Report discovered on a visit led by Cornelis Hulsman on January 16, 2016, they have one detail more.
From April 25-28 I traveled with Arab West Report through a few Upper Egyptian Holy Family sites, places Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are recorded to have stayed according to Coptic tradition. This travelogue will share some of the insights and anecdotes learned along the way, by means of pictures taken...
This article reports on the pope’s fourth visit to St Macarius Monastery since its abbot’s resignation.
The article reports on the celebration of the Virgin Mary feast and the expectation of a demonstration by Copts from al-Balyanā in front of the papal residence.
The article highlights the conflict among Coptic Orthodox bishops about the papal succession.
In an attempt to find a solution to the problem of the lack of abbot at the Monastery of St. Macarius, Pope Shenouda went to the monastery and met the monks, promising that a resolution is close at hand.
A committee of monks has been formed to look after the monastery of St. Macarius following Bishop Mikhā’īl’s resignation as abbot of the monastery.
Bishop Mīkhā’īl, the archbishop of Assiut has stepped down as the abbot of Saint Macarius Monastery after 65 years in service.
The author claims that Bishop Bīshūy is promoting himself to gain more popularity to support him in his alleged intentions to nominate himself to the papacy of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
In recent years the tensions between Christians and Muslims in Egypt have increased. In many cases Christians have been victims of violence. Is there any chance that religions can live together peacefully in the land of Nile? This is the question that Cornelis Hulsman sought to answer in his paper...


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