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The Grand Muftī of Egypt, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, requested participants of a conference held by Dār al-Iftāʾ to stand and observe a minute’s silence over the souls of the martyrs of the attack that targeted al-Ahlī Arab Baptist Hospital and the Palestinian martyrs in the Gaza Strip.
The Minister of Awqāf, Dr. Muḥammad Mokhtār Jumʿa, and the Grand Muftī of the Republic, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, headed a delegation of ministry leaders that included the Head of the Religious Sector, Dr. Heshām ʿAbd el ʿAzīz, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Muḥammad...
The joint convoy of preaching activities between al-Azhar, al-Awqāf (religious endowments) Ministry, and Dār al-Iftāʾ has set off today in the mosques of Rafaḥ al-Māsōra, al-Shaykh Zōwayd, and al-Jōra, in the north of Sinai. This is the eighth week in a row of religious and cultural activities, in...
The Grand Muftī of the Republic, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, called for a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs of the Baptist Hospital that was bombed earlier in the Gaza Strip, and for the souls of the martyrs of Palestine.  
Grand Muftī, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, said that seeking the knowledge of specialists in each field of activity is the optimal way to build sound awareness, adding that the first of these ways is education.
Grand Muftī Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām said that the development of social, behavioral, and intellectual levels in Islamic societies has changed the patterns of communication within society, and that this includes religious discourse, which is part of the societal discourse in general.
Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī was one of the greatest imāms of Egypt, known for his scholarly contributions to Islam, such as Tafsīr al-Jalālayn, in addition to other books related to the rules of the Qurʾān.
Grand Muftī Shawqī ʿAllām said that some people think that freedom would mean that religions, divine books, prophets, and sanctities should be insulted and that these people would have no reservations about hurting the feelings of millions of Muslims – and even non-Muslims.
Dr. Ibrāhīm Najm, an advisor to the Muftī of the Republic and the official spokesman of Dār al-Iftāʾ (Iftāʾ House), announced that Grand Muftī Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām obtained another one-year term in office.
Grand Muftī Dr. Shawqī  ͑Allām received Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria Dr. Sāmī Fawzī, who offered his congratulations over the Muslim holiday of ͑ Id al-ʾAḍḥā.


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