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Al-Beheira Governorate has been made the leading religious landscape in Egypt. The villages and cities of Beheira came out as the most important religious positions in Egypt since the January 25 Revolution (Nasr al-Laqānī, al-Wafd, Feb. 13, p. 16). Read original text in Arabic.
In an interview to al-Shurūq, spokesperson of Egypt’s Coptic Catholic Church, Father Rafīq Jarīsh, praised the efforts made by Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Prince Muḥammad bin Salmān, to promote and support the recent kingdom’s “movement from extremism to openness.” 
In a statement released Wednesday, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Dr. Shaykh Shawqī ˈAllām condemned the terrorist attack that targeted a security checkpoint in al-ˈAyyāṭ city, Giza, killing 3 security personnel.
Dr. Shawqī `Allām, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, considered that women holding senior positions is the culmination of their efforts, expertise and efficiency. It conveys many messages and shows that women are capable of performing in all fields. This came during his visit to the Governorate of Bihīra to...
Dr. Shawqī `Allām, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, has strongly condemned the despicable terrorist incident carried out by extremists targeting a bus full of Christians in the Minya governorate, killing 26 people and injuring 24 others.
The Muftī of the Republic, Dr. Shawqī Allām, said that divisions between Muslims and Christians in Egypt is not likely to occur, and the probability of having failed efforts is assured. He is demanding to propose a solid resolution in which citizens peacefully interact.
The Muftī of the Republic, Dr. Shawqī  ʿAllām, mentioned that Islamic values are entirely based on having social liberalism and collective interactions. The Prophet Muḥammad delivered God’s message to all societies. He communicated with non-Muslims in Mecca due to economic trading. Also, he visited...
“Prophet Muhammad coexisted with Jews, Christians and other groups in Mecca and Islam recognizes different faiths and encourages freedom of belief, because God is He who will judge people,”
Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, Muftī of the Republic, greeted a high-profile delegation from the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Dutch parliament, headed by Angeline Eijsink, and joined by the Dutch ambassador in Cairo. 
Egypt’s Grand Muftī strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Church of St. George in Ṭanṭā this morning. The attack killed 25 Egyptians and injured 71 others. He said in his statement on Sunday that this painful incident is affecting both Egyptian Muslims and Egyptian Christians, and that we...


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