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The author discusses inherent inequalities in inter-religious dialogue between the West and the Islamic world, and offers recommendations for greater efficacy.
Fahmī discusses the divisive role that the priesthood of women has had among church denominations. She examines the teachings, practices and traditions of different Egyptian churches on this subject.
A symposium that was held under the auspices of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies discussed the future of Copts in Egypt.
The following lines shed light on the recent amendments to the law of 1938 passed by the Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church, regulating the personal status issues of Copts in Egypt.
The author discusses the controversy over secularism and the difference between secularism and atheism by answering the most frequently asked questions about secularism.
Munà ‘Abd al-Rādī writes about major problems of the subway in Egypt.
While the uproar in the wake of the first attack against the Abū Fānā monastery continues, monks were again attacked and stoned by people from the tribal communities. Heated discussions and debates on the issue are still being reported in the media. Muslims accuse the monks of killing a young man...
Wīsā al-Bannā calls on Christian youth to take part in politics and stop isolating themselves.
The article discusses the fact that the issue of the new Personal Status Law amendment is still unsettled among all denominations.
The article focuses on the various interpretations of secularism and discusses the advantages of the ideology.


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