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In the spotlight of the recent random Fatwás, a new Muslim denomination appears to be stealing the limelight on the religious stage. Security forces launched a campaign of arrests against the followers of this belief. al-Qur’āniyyīn or Ahl al-Qur’ān do not recognize the Sunnah or the H...
The author reviews a book written by an Indian Muslim scholar discussing the position women enjoy in Islam and refuting allegations that Islam encourages polygamy.
Mahmoud Hamdī Zaqzouq, Minister of Awqāf, said that Islam restored women’s place in society as they were looked down upon and were not respected.
Dr. Shaykh ‘Alī Jum‘ā, Muftī of Egypt, said that Islam has limited polygamy. In a Hadīth reported by Sālim, his father, Ghaylān Ibn Salāma al-Thaqafī, had ten concubines when he embraced Islam. The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] told him to “chose only four of them” to marry.
The article is about a sheikh [Muslim cleric] who seduces widows and divorced women and has illicit relationships with many of them.
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