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“Miracles happen when people decide they do.” Al-Bāz argues that the famous miraculous apparition of the Holy Virgin in 1968 was the product of the historical and social situation and served the church, the people as well as the political leadership.
For the third week, Pope Benedict’s controversial remarks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad have made headlines in Egyptian national and independent newspapers. A number of Muslim intellectuals devoted their columns to refute claims about the spread of Islam by the sword. Some Muslim scholars...
The Qur’ān refers to the birth of Jesus Christ as a supernatural phenomenon. It also describes the Virgin Mary as one who "guarded her chastity," defending her against accusations of wanton unchastity, directed at her during her lifetime and recorded in the Talmud.
An American general has reportedly accused Muslims of worshipping idols. The author refutes his accusation, arguing that Islam and Christianity have the same philosophy. He quotes Biblical and Qur´anic verses to support his argument.
In this article, Pope Shenouda gives a full-length study of the Qur´an´s perception of Christianity, the Gospel, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. He says that the Qur´an proves the authenticity of the Holy Bible. It also speaks very highly of Jesus Christ. It describes Him as the “...
Wearing a veil has been widely criticized so this article looks at its history. It existed before Islam and is found in all of the heavenly religions, but only its use by Muslims causes comment. The veil is a symbol of chastity and purity not a political slogan.
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