AWR/DAB Recordings

The Interview Documentation Project provides researchers with access to recordings and transcripts of interviews. Some of the documents contain highly sensitive content. For these documents, you need to submit a written request explaining your reason for requesting the documents.

Date of sourcesort descending Date of review Title Interviewees
9 Sep 2000 4 Jul 2016 The Hanging Church Case: The dispute between Father Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl and Fārūq Ḥusnī Marquṣ ʿAzīz Khalīl (Father, Archpriest)
24 Oct 2000 30 Jun 2016 Experiences of AUC Students
26 Oct 2000 30 Jun 2016 Azhar scholar Dr. Bāyūmī’s view on Jewish-Muslim-Christian Relations ʿAbd al-Muʿṭī Bayyūmī (Dr.)
1 Mar 2007 16 Jun 2016 Cornelis Hulsman on Media Distortion and Peace and Security at the Arab Thought Forum Cornelis Hulsman (كورنيلس هولسمان)
15 May 2008 to 26 Sep 2018 26 Sep 2018 Minister Maria van der Hoeven Maria van der Hoeven
14 Nov 2008 16 Nov 2008 Cornelis Hulsman on Peaceful Cohabitation Between Copts and Muslims in Egypt and the Explanation of Violence at Abū Fānā Monastery Cornelis Hulsman (كورنيلس هولسمان)
1 Feb 2009 to 30 Jun 2009 29 Jun 2016 Interview with the founders of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) on the growing role and activities of the organization. Yārā Sallām, Ḥussām Bahjat [Hossam Bahgat] (Dr.)
10 Apr 2015 24 Jul 2016 The Village Head of al-Saraqnā is pessimistic about the future of the Christian village Rāmiz Ikrām Fahīm Ghābiyyūs [Ramez Ikram]
23 Sep 2018 23 Sep 2018 Near East School of Theology + Sūq al-Gharb