AWR/DAB Recordings

The Interview Documentation Project provides researchers with access to recordings and transcripts of interviews. Some of the documents contain highly sensitive content. For these documents, you need to submit a written request explaining your reason for requesting the documents.

Date of source Date of review Title Interviewees
12 Nov 1998 31 Aug 2016 Press Conference with the Chief Inspector of the Giza Pyramid Plateau 1998 Zāhī Hawās [Zahi Hawass] (Dr.)
8 Oct 1998 29 Aug 2016 Bishop Mūssā on Coptic Youth
4 Jul 1998 12 Jun 2016 Tourism Business at the Red Sea Saʿad Abū Rīda
1 Jun 1998 13 Jun 2016 Farewell Press Conference by the Turkish Ambassador to Egypt II Yāsir Yātīs
1 Jun 1998 12 Jun 2016 Farewell Press Conference by the Turkish Ambassador to Egypt I Yāsir Yātīs
11 May 1998 26 Jun 2016 Joe Stork on the implications of the US Religious Freedom Act/Ramzī Zaqlāma on Copts in Egypt and the Religious Freedom Act 1998 Ramzī Zaqlama, Joe Stork (Activist)
19 Mar 1998 23 Jun 2016 Leading Muslim Brotherhood Member, Mukhtār Nūh on Religious Freedom in Egypt Mukhtār Nūḥ (Mr.)
22 Feb 1998 29 Aug 2016 Opening of an orphanage/Volkhard Windfuhr on FPA train trip Volkhard Windfuhr (Journalist, Arabist)
8 Feb 1998 29 Jun 2016 Enhancing Tourism in Luxor after the 1997 Massacre
17 Nov 1997 to 19 Nov 1997 15 Jun 2016 State visit by Dutch Queen Beatrix and her husband Prince Claus to Egypt II David van der Meulen, Saskia van der Mast
17 Nov 1997 to 19 Nov 1997 15 Jun 2016 State visit by Dutch Queen Beatrix and her husband Prince Claus to Egypt I Hans van Mierlo
20 Oct 1997 28 Jun 2016 Reclamation of the Western Desert: Dr. Fārūq al-Baz’s NASA Press Conference Fārūq al-Bāz (Dr.)
20 Sep 1997 4 Jul 2016 The RIIFS on peace-building and the role of religion in conflict / Volkhard Windfuhr on islamist terrorism after the Cairo 1997 terror attack Volkhard Windfuhr (Journalist, Arabist), Cornelis Hulsman (كورنيلس هولسمان), Khayrī Jānbik
16 Aug 1997 4 Aug 2016 Press Conference: Shaykh Muḥammad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī on Palestine, minority rights and gender equality in Islam Muḥammad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī (Shaykh)
28 Jul 1997 to 27 Sep 2018 27 Sep 2018 Reinout Vos and World Servants Reinout Vos
15 May 1997 9 Jun 2016 Students at ABTS on their path to Christianity and missionary work
14 May 1997 to 15 May 1997 13 Jun 2016 Sudanese Student at the ABTS on Christians in Morocco / Zuzana Skalova on the Conservation of Coptic Icons Project Zuzana Skálová
29 Nov 1996 29 Aug 2016 Azerbaijani oil industry/Interviews with Azerbaijani refugees
27 Nov 1996 29 Aug 2016 Archbishop in the Armenian Church in Turkey on the future of the community/Press Conference on oil and gas in Azerbaijan Mesrop Mutafyan II (Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople), Natig Aliyev (Politician)
9 Nov 1996 29 Aug 2016 Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs ʿAmrū Mūsā on the MENA conference 1996 ʿAmrū Mūsa (Arab League)
30 Oct 1996 to 31 Oct 1996 5 Jun 2016 The Palestinian Ambassador to the UN's expectations of the UN's role in the Palestinian Question Nāṣir ʿArafāt al-Qudwa [Nasser el-Qudwa]
24 Oct 1996 2 Jun 2016 EO Broadcast of interviews with Father van Nispen and Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī Christiaan van Nispen, S.J. (Father) (Professor of Islam and Philosophy), Yūsuf al-Badrī (Shaykh)
17 Oct 1996 19 Jun 2016 Preparations for the 1996 MENA Conference Peter Goepfrich (Dr.), Farīd Munīr [Farid Mounir]
7 Oct 1996 23 Jun 2016 Majdī Ḥussaīn and Grand Īmam Ṭanṭāwī on Naṣr Abū Zayd, Netanyahu's tunnel, and issuing Fatwās Muḥammad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī (Shaykh), Majdī Aḥmad Ḥussayn (Dr.)
1 Sep 1996 to 27 Sep 2018 27 Sep 2018 Lebanon VII: Yāssīn Jābar South Lebanon Yāssīn Jābar
30 Aug 1996 3 Jul 2016 Dūrī Shamʿūn on the 1996 political situation in Lebanon / Voices from a pro-Ḥarīrī gathering Dūrī Shamʿūn
30 Aug 1996 23 Jun 2016 Lebanese politicians on the current political situation of Lebanon Fāris Buwayz [Farès Boueiz], ʿIṣṣām Fāris
1 Jun 1996 4 Aug 2016 EOHR Seminar on Copts III Mīlād Ḥannā (Dr.), Ṭalʿat Jād Allāh, Sulayman Shafiq (Researcher), Nashat Malāk, Sirī Shafīq, Wajīh Khayr Iqlādīyyūs, Maurice Ṣādiq
1 Jun 1996 3 Aug 2016 EOHR Seminar on Copts II Mīlād Ḥannā (Dr.), Ṭalʿat Jād Allāh, Muḥammad Munīb, Mamdūḥ Ramzī, Sulayman Shafiq (Researcher), Maurice Ṣādiq, Mīlād Yūnān (Mr.), Aḥmad al-Ṣāwī, Jamāl ʿAjāybī (Rev.)
1 Jun 1996 18 Jul 2016 EOHR Seminar on Copts I Mīlād Ḥannā (Dr.), Sirī Shafīq, Maurice Ṣādiq