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Meeting with Father Lazarus in the monastery of St. Anthony on Monday, February 4, 2019. Transcript interview Joan Cabrera Robles, comparison to previous videos Cornelis Hulsman, editing Cornelis Hulsman and Taha K. Poonawala.
The group had asked for the meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Khayyal since he is a former professor at the Islamic Azhar University but had left the university as a secularist. The group wanted to understand the factors that had played a role in changing his beliefs. The discussion started with everybody...
In the context of our round of introduction, which was shortly interrupted by tea and coffee, a discussion about the roots of Christian spirituality in Egypt, the church’s crisis in Europe especially among young people and Islam emerged.
The first thing that Reverend Richard did, when he introduced himself to our group, was bring a smile to our lips. Although being “officially” retired back in Canada, it became clear that God had plans for him in the Middle East. “Don’t think you can retire in the ministry!” he said, laughing.
Who meets Bishop Thomas is immediately captivated by his tranquility and positivity. As bishop of El-Qussia and Mair Diocese, he takes responsibility for a large number of Coptic Orthodox Christians. As initiator of the Anafora retreat center he reunites people from all over the world and of all...
In order to continue our research on the heritage of Christian spirituality in Egypt, we visited the monasteries in Wādī al-Naṭrūn, namely the Monastery of Saint Bīshūy, the Monastery of the Syrian and the Monastery of Baramus.
Two pastors, a civil servant, a professor and two students on their way to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo – what sounds like the beginning of a joke turned actually out to be a very educational trip through multiple millenniums of ancient Egyptian history. Blazing our trail through masses of people,...
After our visit to the Egyptian museum, we continued our research in Christian history in Egypt, when Cornelis Hulsman guided us to the Holy Virgin Church in Maadi, where we would learn about the relevance of the Holy Family’s stay in Egypt for Coptic Orthodox belief.


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