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Controversy arises when a teacher in the School of Dentistry in Cairo university announces her Bahai faith.
The Association for the development of Democracy held a conference entitled " The Religious and Political violence in Egypt... the motives and the horizons".
Abu Al-Ela Madi announced the presenting of credentials of the New Wasat Party to the parties’ committee after the parties’ court refused to accept the Wasat Party.
An overview of a very special electoral campaign in Alexandria.
Pat Robertson, one of the founders of the Christian Alliance is spreading rumors that the marriage between Muslim men and Christian women is part of a plan to convert Christians and spread Islam.
Further examination of the lobbyists behind the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act.
The members of the American House of Representatives vote for the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act and the lobbyists behind the law are examined.
[Also in Al-Osbua and Al-Athnain of the same date] The parliament witnessed a heated session with Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, sheik of the Azhar mosque, who fiercely attacked those who insult the Azhar and opposing his plan of reform.
A defense of the teacher who presented the book to the students to criticize it and a stress on the fact that what happened was within the boundaries of legitimate academic research.
Coptic land that was confiscated by the government in 1971 is finally returned to the church (see the previous issue)


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