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A conflict between Sheikh Tantawi and a group of anti-secular scholars at the Azhar might result in their expulsion from the Azhar.
An interview with a controversial writer who questions traditional interpretations of the Qur’an. Al-Qimni and the author who is a religious person apparently clashed over thoughts, resulting in an article that could result in problems for al-Qimni with Islamist radicals.
A new law allows the courts to hear cases related to Orfi-marriage, a form of marriage not recognized until now by the official authorities.
Coptic Christians will be celebrating Easter Sunday of April 19 which is preceded by 55 days of fasting. The author interviewed bishop Musa about this period of fasting.
Pope Shenouda’s consecration of a new priest has caused an uproar in the church. A former secretary of the Pope, father Theodosius, has sent telegrams to the President, the Interior minister, the head of State Security and the several church personalities objecting to the consecration of the new...
An American Church delegation visited Egypt and concluded at the end of their five day visit that allegations made in the American media about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are not true.
A delegation American Copts visited Egypt to investigate news of religious strife.
The Grand Imam and Sheikh of Al-Azhar mosque and Mohamed Hamdi Zakzouk Minister of Religious Endowments met with a delegation from American churches to answer questions about religious issues in Egypt.
A book on the nature of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt is reviewed. The book points out the friendly nature of relationships between Muslims and Copts in Egypt throughout history. It concentrates mainly on the role of one priest in the 1919 revolution; Father Sergious preached against the...
The citizens of the Hosh Eissa are complaining that their church, which was closed down after a terrorist attack, has not been reopened for seven years now. The law governing the repair of churches was modified allowing governors, instead of the president, to make that decision. The modified law,...


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