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A Christian woman’s story of converting to Islam.
The author claims that superstitions are spreading to the Coptic churches abroad. For example characteristics are attributed to saints which are in conflict with historical evidence. For example Copts believe saint Abu Sefein spoke an Upper Egyptian dialect of Coptic while in fact he was from Asia...
Briefing on New York Churches council’s visit to Egypt saying Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are very different from what is said and published in the USA.
The author met Pope Shenouda after he had met with the delegation of the Council of Churches of New York. The Pope was angered by the term ’religious conflict’ even if it was used in the context of denying its existence as it is a term that implies ill will. The Pope then continues describing the...
Gamal Asad discovered that some Copts refuse to view themselves as Arabs and writes about the implications of them considering themselves as the only real Egyptians and Muslims not. The notion is not only dangerous but also false.
The Coptic author visited the USA and compared American publications on the situation of the Copts with what he has experienced in Egypt. Copts, the author believes, have become a hot issue that the enemies of Egypt will continue to bring up now and again.
The closure of El-Destour leads to a debate on the role of the press.
Ensuring that Egypt retains its aid package is not easy since the discussion on the introduction of the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
Journalists are imprisoned, and the freedom of the media is questioned.
Comment on the press handling of information that threatens business atmosphere.


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