What Happened in Mārīnāb Village?

Date of Publication October 12, 2011
Author Lamīs Yahyá
Reviewer Cornelis Hulsman
Editor Jenna Ferrecchia (ed.)
Full Text English What Happened in Mārīnāb Village?
Full Text Arabic What Happened in Mārīnāb Village? [Arabic]


This report provides critical background and previously unpublished details on the events leading up to the protests by Copts in Maspero, Cairo on October 9, 2011, which ended fatally for more than 20 protesters and injured over 100 others.  It provides interviews, photographs, videos, and documents, as evidence of the circumstances in the village. 

It is also based on field research by Lamīs Yahyá and Cornelis Hulsman in the village of Marīnāb in Idfū on September 28, 2011, to investidate the burning of a church. Interviews were conducted with Father Salīb and Shaykh Habīb, in addition to the local Muslims and local Christians.