Chinese-Canadian wanted the best and found this in the Monastery of Saint Dimyana

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Wed, 2014-04-23
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Mother Theoliptie is a Chinese-Canadian Coptic Orthodox nun who has resided  at St. Demiana’s Monastery for about 16 years.  Her story is one of remarkable change from Buddhism to Coptic Orthodoxy. She quit her job as a pharmacist in Toronto and entered the monastery at age 27. I have met with Mother Theoliptie on several occasions and she is certainly a woman with a deep faith. Interestingly enough she stated about the political earthquake Egypt has experienced in the past years, "Nuns do not follow the news. We do not have newspapers, no TV or radio and do not look for news on the internet, but we hear of things when people ask us to pray. We heard of the January 25 revolution when our late Pope Shenouda III asked all Copts internationally to fast and pray for three days for the peace and well-being of Egypt, and others asking for our prayers, thus we realized something was happening. I am sure Egypt will be blessed because these are God’s promises." Continue to read here


Cornelis Hulsman

Editor-in-chief; Arab-West Report