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2009 21 1. Editorial

This week sees a number of special reports from CIDT interns, including recen

2009 20 1. Editorial

This issue deals with Obama’s upcoming trip to Egypt, further developments in

2009 19 1. Editorial

This week sees a number of articles that comment on the H1N1 epidemic that ha

2009 18 1. Editorial

A number of revenge conflict stories have made the headlines in recent weeks.

2009 17 1. Editorial

Minister Zaqzūq has called on Muslims to visit the al-Aqsá mosque while for t

2009 16 1. Editorial

Coptic Easter celebrations were discussed in this week’s issue of AWR, howeve

2009 15 1. Editorial

A dispute in the Upper Egyptian village of al- Tayyibah back in October 2008

2009 14 1. Editorial

The editorial highlights articles seven and ten in this issue which deal with

2009 13 1. Editorial

This week’s editorial reviews the report published by al-‘Utayfī in 1972 foll

2009 12 1. Editorial

On March 16 the Supreme Administrative Court passed a ruling allowing Bah

2009 11 1. Editorial

Scholars continue to debate how much emphasis should be placed on Coptic hist

2009 10 1. Editorial

This issue presents a number of articles on the freedom of expression and the

2009 9 1. Editorial

The case of the illegal adoption of young Egyptian children has gained promin

2009 8 1. Editorial

Professor Harald Suermann visited the CIDT office and delivered a lecture abo

2009 7 1. Editorial

A number of Muslim issues that are cause debate amongst scholars are raised i

2009 6 1. Editorial

The Egyptian press has a long and reputable history but in recent years calls

2009 5 1. Editorial

This week’s articles correspond with the date of President Barack Obama’s ina

2009 4 1. Editorial

A number of intern activities have taken place in the last week; a group from

2009 3 1. Editorial

The Muslim perception of Israel in light of the recent Gaza bombardment and t

2009 2 1. Editorial

The issue of Christian students entering the Azhar is one that crops up from

2009 1 1. Editorial

Cornelis Hulsman, co-founder of Arab-West Report, is planning to return to Th

2008 52 1. Editorial

In the final issue of the year there are always a number of delayed articles

2008 51 1. Editorial

The situation of Christians in Iraq is a lamentable one.

2008 50 1. Editorial

Hulsman recently met with Dr.

2008 49 1. Editorial

Hulsman flags up articles 5-8 in this issue that concern sūrah 2:256

2008 48 1. Editorial

A number of articles about the different attitudes toward freedom of expressi

2008 47 1. Editorial

A number of interesting reports and papers written by Arab West Report intern

2008 46 1. Editorial

An important international congress on the 13th century Andalusian

2008 45 1. Editorial

Reports about religious tensions in Egypt sometimes hit the headlines abroad

2008 44 1. Editorial

Islamic scholars in the West and in the Islamic world have both researched ea

2008 43 1. Editorial

The Egyptian press has referred to Muhammad Sven Kalisch’s text about the Pro

2008 42 1. Editorial

There is a common belief in the West that Christians in Muslim countries are

2008 41 1. Editorial

Cornelis Hulsman highlights many of the main issues that are discussed in thi

2008 40 1. Editorial

In this issue’s editorial Drs.

2008 39 1. Editorial

Issues that exacerbate tensions between Muslims and Christians in Egypt seem

2008 38 1. Editorial


2008 37 1. Editorial

The first three articles in this issue are special reports that deal with the

2008 36 1. Editorial

Hulsman reflects on Sāmih Fawzī’s comments about ways to reduce sectarian ten

2008 35 1. Editorial

Discussing freedom of expression, mixing this with other interests such as in

2008 34 1. Editorial

Israeli attack on Gaza adds to tensions Arabs and West.

2008 33 1. Editorial

Abu Fana Monastery and the issue of constructing houses of worship is discuss

2008 32 1. Editorial

This issue presents a number of articles that focus on the sensitive subject

2008 31 1. Editorial

John Bradley’s new book ’Inside Egypt: The land of the Pharaohs on the brink

2008 30 1. Editorial

The recent incident that occurred in Assiut concerning 13 feddans of

2008 29 1. Editorial

The editorial highlights several interesting articles in this week’s issue, i

2008 28 1. Editorial


2008 27 1. Editorial

Hulsman comments on the recent sectarian tensions in Fayyūm that were mention

2008 26 1. Editorial

The issue of rising sectarian tensions in Egypt is something that must be add

2008 25 1. Editorial

The recent fire at the Church of the Holy Virgin in Sakha may have unfortunat

2008 24 1. Editorial

Three Al-Ahrām al-cArabī articles in this issue have inflam