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2010 19 1. Editorial
2010 18 1. Editorial

Editorial for Week 18.

2010 17 1. Editorial

Editorial for Week 17.

2010 16 1. Editorial

 Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights releases a new report:  Two Years of

2010 15 1. Editorial

On religious satellite channels in Egypt.

2010 14 1. Editorial

 Controversy as Muhammad aal-Barādi‘ī attends the Easter Mass at the Coptic O

2010 13 1. Editorial

 AWR publishes new multimedia content, and the demise of IslamOnline.

2010 12 1. Editorial

 Ahmad al-Tayyib succeeds Sayyid Tantāwī as Grand Imām of al-Azhar.

2010 11 1. Editorial

 A few notable selections from Arab West Report this week have to do with the

2010 10 1. Editorial

 This week, two of our articles taken from pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat f

2010 9 1. Editorial

 In addition to the continued, and excellent, series of interviews on the cau

2010 8 1. Editorial

 The study of the ways culture and religion impact one another is a topic of

2010 7 1. Editorial

This week's issue takes a rare look at Egypt's Jewish community.

2010 6 1. Editorial

Week 6 editorial, focussing on cameras in mosques, the state of interfaith di

2010 5 1. Editorial

 The role of religion in conflict is an often discussed and complex issue.

2010 4 1. Editorial الافتتاحية

The Egyptian media coverage of the events in  Naj‘ Hammādī turns to ask "how

2010 3 1. Editorial

In times of crisis, people look to their leaders – be they political or relig

2010 2 1. Editorial
The tragic events of January 6th 2010 in the small Upper Egyptia
2010 1 1. Editorial

 Happy New Year!

2009 52 1. Editorial

As we bring you the final issue of 2009, now is perhaps an appropriate time t

2009 51 1. Editorial

Intercultural dialogue should be available through many different media, and

2009 50 1. Editorial

Why don’t some Coptic news websites cite their sources?

2009 49 1. Editorial

AWR Editor-in-Chief Cornelius Hulsman writes about recent events in Naj‘ Hamm

2009 48 1. Editorial

What role can the Egyptian media play in resolving inter-religious conflict a

2009 47 1. Editorial

As we enter the last month of 2009 there are a number of stories in the press

2009 46 1. Editorial

The editorial covers a number of prominent articles that appear in this week’

2009 45 1. Editorial

As technology progresses and we move further into the digital age newspapers

2009 44 1. Editorial

National unity and coexistence are terms often employed by public figures and

2009 43 1. Editorial

Ever since the draft law for unified houses of worship was submitted to the P

2009 42 1. Editorial

On October 18, Egyptian newspapers were full of reports about rumors of the h

2009 41 1. Editorial

There are a number of fascinating articles in this issue of AWR that reflect

2009 40 1. Editorial

The news of an alleged Evangelical plan to convert Egyptian Orthodox Copts to

2009 39 1. Editorial

The niqāb is coming under debate yet again in both the West and in Egypt.

2009 38 1. Editorial

The editorial highlights articles in this issue that tackle Muslim-Christian

2009 37 1. Editorial

A dispute over a piece of land near a monastery should not be allowed to esca

2009 36 1. Editorial

A passage in a legal textbook for Cairo university students that states that

2009 35 1. Editorial

Religious establishments have to move with the times if they are going to cap

2009 34 1. Editorial

Coverage on President Mubarak’s visit to the United States continue in this i

2009 33 1. Editorial

The editorial looks at interesting articles in this week’s issue such as ones

2009 32 1. Editorial

Fundamentalism and discrimination have existed throughout history in differen

2009 31 1. Editorial

The participation of Egypt’s Christian minority in political life is a topic

2009 30 1. Editorial

An open frank debate on a unified law for building houses of worship, followe

2009 29 1. Editorial

Comments on how dishonest reporting and behavior, frequently in religion’s na

2009 28 1. Editorial

Comments on recent incidents of sectarian strife in Egypt, and the attempts m

2009 27 1. Editorial

A number of articles in this issue discuss crimes of a sectarian nature, begg

2009 26 1. Editorial

While President Sarkozy’s remarks about the niqāb spark debate in France and

2009 25 1. Editorial

The fatal stabbing of an Egyptian woman in a German courtroom arouses anger a

2009 24 1. Editorial

This issue presents a number of interesting articles on cases of sedition on

2009 23 1. Editorial


2009 22 1. Editorial

Visiting Nigerian imam and pastor in Cairo expound on their experiences in in