DAB Papers

These papers discuss one subject at length and are reviewed by Egyptian and/or Western academics. This has resulted in a number of unique studies about subjects that are rarely covered in depth elsewhere. These papers are completed texts but texts from reviewers often include suggestions for further research.

Paper Number Date of Publication العنوان
86 2023-12-31 From Living in a Religious Bubble to Interreligious Dialogue
85 2023-12-30 Christian Statistics in Egypt: A Look at the 1986 CAPMAS Census
84 2022-12-30 A Difficult Dialogue with Dutch Arabist Dr. Hans Jansen Who Lost Faith in Dialogue with Muslims
83 2022-10-10 The Tribunal of Love: The Four Stages of Love in Ibn al-Fāriḍ’s Poetry
82 2021-12-22 Bubastis, Capital of Egypt and Ezekiel, The Prophet in Exile
81 2021-11-30 Israeli Apartheid? A Critical Analysis of a Contentious Debate
80 2021-11-18 Political violence, activism and conflict
79 2021-11-14 Copts during the first century of Islam and that history’s relevance today
78 2020-12-27 Efforts of foreign governments trying to influence politics in Egypt; An Egyptian Ambassador’s views on Dutch-Egyptian relations after President Mursī had been removed from power in 2013
77 2020-12-23 Between science, belief and wishful thinking: Reviewing Dr. Maḥmūd ʿUmar’s “The Well of the Holy Family in Tal Basṭa.”
76 2020-06-08 DEO, an Oasis of interreligious Education in Egypt
75 2020-04-30 The Worldwide Threat of Nuclear Weaponry
74 2020-04-26 Political and Legal Changes in Transitional Egypt 2011 - 2020
73 2019-12-23 Coptic Demographics, Migration, and Bureaucracy
72 2019-12-01 An Example of Revolutionary Diplomacy in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Muḥammad Anwar al-Sādāt's Speech at the Knesset
71 2019-11-28 Universal Harmonization in a Dualistic World: An Inquiry Into the Tension Between Universalism and Dualism in Sayyid Quṭb’s Thought
70 2019-06-10 Religion and Politics Case study: The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt until 2013
69 2019-03-25 The Evolution of Egyptian Nationalism: Identifying essential categories and patterns of Egyptian Identity
68 2018-11-05 ‘Not a revealed religion and nobody could set himself up to be its defender’ - The construction of the arguments against Egyptian Bahāʾīs
67 2018-04-16 From Ruling to Opposition: Islamist Groups and Non-Islamic Groups in Egypt 2011-2013
66 2018-04-16 2014 Egyptian Constitution: Perspectives from Egypt
65 2018-10-29 Book Translation Project: "Al-Ḥaqāʾiq bī al-Wathāʾiq ʿan al-Ikhwān al-Muslimīn” (The Documented Truths about the Muslim Brotherhood)
64 2018-09-25 Obstacles Facing Egypt’s NGOs
63 2018-09-17 Working towards a Libya Peace Conference: Rebuilding on “The Ashes of a Country”
62 2018-08-30 Gender Disparities in Egypt - Perspectives from India
61 2018-08-05 From Nāṣir to al-Sīsī: An Evaluation of Egypt’s Foreign Policy Imperatives and its Implications
60 2016-03-20 Chinese Students of Al-Azhar and their impact on Sino-Egyptian Relations
59 2015-12-14 The legal situation of Syrian Refugees in Egypt - Issues concerning Irregular Migration
58 2015-09-30 Racism, Discrimination and Refugees - The Discriminative Treatment of Somali People: General Effects of a Racist Practice Towards Somalis Inside the Egyptian Society
57 2015-09-09 Middle Eastern Christian survival strategies after the Arab Revolutions in 2011 with a focus on Egypt