“…going to Egypt felt like something risky to do...”

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Mon, 2015-12-14
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“…going to Egypt felt like something risky to do...”
AWR, Cairo, December 14, 2014
Two weeks ago, our intern Jonathan left CAWU to start another internship at a broadcasting company in the Netherlands. He was a great contribution to the office and we wish him the best of luck onwards.

Like most interns who join us, Jonathan gained a greater respect and insight into Egypt and Egyptian culture. Unlike most visitors to the Nile, he gained insight into hardships of everyday life and the grace and humour with which most Egyptians receive it. 



Sheikh Hamdi, Jonathan Vink, Abouna Yo'annis, Rene Witteveen
The duality of image and reality in regards to Egypt provided a continuous element during his visit.
Travel warnings and the stigma of radicalisation dominate Western media, especially in regard to Upper Egypt, an area neglected by most tourists; however, Jonathan’s experiences were overwhelmingly positive. His first introduction to the region was with CAWU’s mid-September visit to Qufadah, a small village with which CAWU in the process of facilitating a micro-financing system. This has been supported locally by Father Yo’annis, a man with “a thick long beard, a black robe and the posture of a heavyweight wrestler.”
Jonathan also visited Upper Egypt with Coptic Orthodox Bishopric who received him warmly and showed him a number of social service projects set up across Egypt from stretching from the Zawya al-Hamraneighbourhood in Cairo down the length of the Nile to the city of Aswan.
The foundation of CAWU’s goals is the challenging of stereotypes and media bias, and bridging the gap between the Arab World and the West. Read more about Jonathan’s experience here.
AWR Staff



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