Internships at the Center for Arab-West Understanding provide a unique opportunity for students to gain real work experience in the heart of the Arab world. We accept self-funded interns for both long and short term assignments.*

We regularly accept students and graduates of all educational backgrounds. However, those with an emphasis in Arabic, Middle Eastern History, Islamic Studies, Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Dialogue, or Journalism are specifically encouraged to apply.

Although management will assign you tasks and projects based on your skills, interests, and educational background, all interns generally accept a defined role in our office, in addition to writing reports which are published in our online magazine. To find out more about each opportunity, click on the links listed below.

Or to find out more, click here.

Not sure where you'd fit, but still want to help? Other opportunities may be available. Contact us for the application form and our intern coordinator will reply as soon as possible.