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Despite their approval by the Parliament, some laws were not properly enforced due either to the non-issuance of their executive regulations or to the unjustifiable disruption of their application by the executive authority. Foremost among these is the Church Building and Restoration Law that was...
The Office of Egyptian Culture in Montreal celebrates Arab women   The Office of Cultural Relations and Education in Montreal has organized a tribute for women with the title, “Egypt Celebrates Women…Distinction and Excellence of Arab Women in Canada.” The president of the organization, ‘Asām al-...
Egyptian Copts demonstrate to prove their non-passivity concerning their recent treatment.   
Some publishers of literary and Islamic books complained about being given places at the Cairo book fair where Christian publishers usually present their books. This and other complaints are highlighted in the following lines.
Egypt’s Bar Association’s elections approach, and the article comments on the process of becoming a nominee and the Copts that are nominated to the association.
Ahmad ‘Abd al-Jalīl writes about religious discrimination among members of the Misryūn Dhid al-Ta‘asub [Egyptians against discrimination] group.
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