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The General Sheikhdom of Ṣūfī Orders organized a conference under the title “Islamic Mysticism: Towards Complete Muḥammadan Values,” in association with the Dar al-ʿIrfān foundation for Sūfī studies in Bangladesh, with international participation from Sudan and the United Kingdom.
The ministry of awqāf (religious endowments) announced that more than EGP31 million (roughly $1 million) have been spent on Qurʾān-related activities during the fiscal year 2023/2024.
Al Nūr magazine for children, which is issued from the International Organization of Azhari Graduates, participated in a series of theatrical productions under the title “Ṭāʾer al Shamʿidān.” This production is inspired by Yemeni culture and was directed by the Ṣadām al ʿAdla, who is himself a...
The Minister of Awqāf, Dr. Muḥammad Mokhtār Jumʿa, and the Grand Muftī of the Republic, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, headed a delegation of ministry leaders that included the Head of the Religious Sector, Dr. Heshām ʿAbd el ʿAzīz, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Muḥammad...
Al-Azhar has said that the targeting of innocent displaced people in a school sheltering them, along with others on a coastal road, and the massacre of citizens in Gaza’s al-Shifāʾ Hospital, as well as the killing of convoys of wounded people and the bombing of ambulances, have all put the...
The Grand Imām of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyīb, said the practices of the ruthless Zionist occupation in Gaza – which include intensive bombing, electricity and Internet cut-off, and the obscuring of all sources of information on massacres and war crimes – are nothing but ‘blind terrorism.’
Grand Muftī, Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, said that seeking the knowledge of specialists in each field of activity is the optimal way to build sound awareness, adding that the first of these ways is education.
Al-Azhar has announced the acceptance of a new batch of students at the al-Qurʾān al-Karīm Recitation and tajwīd (intonation) hall as part of its interest in the memorization and education of the holy Muslim book.
Grand Imām of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmed al-Ṭayyīb, offered his sincerest condolences to King Moḥammed VI of Morocco and the Moroccan people after a deadly earthquake struck several provinces and cities in the North African country and left thousands of victims killed or wounded.
Deputy Imām of al-Azhar, Dr. Muḥammad al-Ḍūwaynī, said the celebration to honor winners in the ‘Thaqāfat Bilādī’ (Culture of My Country) competition is a step on the road to protect intellect and national identity against attempts to hijack these virtues by deviant misconceptions.


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