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In defiance of his own nation’s restrictions, Cornelis Hulsman, Drs. not only went to Siwa, he invited international student interns, Egyptian nationals, media professionals, and just about everyone else in Egypt to travel with him. “Western travel advice to Siwa is insane,” said Hulsman, the...
The Holy Family came to Egypt, says the Biblical text. But it is silent on what they did once there. Coptic Orthodox tradition has filled in the details. And now, as Arab West Report discovered on a visit led by Cornelis Hulsman on January 16, 2016, they have one detail more.
Three years ago, on February 27, 2013, we interviewed Aḥmad Ashūsh in our office. These were the days of President Muhammad Mursī and we then made efforts to understand the motivations of the different people involved various Islamists movements. Aḥmad Ashūsh was arrested in October 2013 for the...
Report about an Arab-West Report visit to Qufada in the district of Maghagha where we met with Shaykh Hamdi Abd al-Fattah and Father Yo’annis about Customary Reconciliation Sessions in Maghagha.  
Yesterday I received the unexpected news that Ezzat al-Salamony (ʿIzzat al-Salāmunī) died ... back in August. He was a leader in al-Gama'a al-Islamiya (the Islamic Group), designated a terrorist entity by the United States. I was able to interview him a couple of times.


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