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The Dutch Embassy in Egypt on September 18, 2012 declined to issue legislation by the Dutch Parliament to receive Copts in Holland who apply for political asylum. This had prevented three million Copts who were planning to leave Egypt to Holland. The Embassy published on its website that the...
Public Prosecutor ‘Abd al-Majīd Mahmūd ordered that 20 suspects in the sectarian fitnah incidents in Abū Qurqās, al-Minya governorate, be referred to the Emergency Supreme State Security Court. The suspects, 18 Muslims and Christians, are facing charges of assembly, premeditated murder with malice...
The Editor-in-Chief of Al-Nabaa was put under guard in the hospital where he is being treated from a heart attack. He stated that his defense would request that the implementation of his three-year prison sentence be stopped because of his health condition and for the good of his work.
The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court postponed the examination of the appeal lodged by the editor-in-chief of Al-Nabaa, in which he asked for cancellation of the judgment given by the Administrative Court that withdrew Al-Nabaa’s license and stopped it from being issued.
The writer reports that the Egyptian security police arrested Gamal Heshmat, former brotherhood and Parliament member and others during their meeting in Heshmat´s house to discuss the thoughts of their network.
The Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of 12 persons for a period of 15 days. These persons are said to form a new fundamentalist cell of the Gama´a Al-Islamiya. They were accused of reviving the activities of the group, whose members have declared the initiative to...
The Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to renew the jail sentence of 25 Muslim Brotherhood members who have been detained last month.
Sohag Criminal Court released the legal reasoning of the verdict it issued in the lawsuit of Al-Kosheh riots.
The Egyptian Supreme State Security Misdemeanor Court started the trail of Essam Hanna over the charges of contacting the FBI and promoting biased and false information concerning the visit of the American ambassador to Cairo to Assiut.
Today, Sohag Criminal Court will continue its examination of Al-Kosheh case. It will also continue questioning the prosecution witnesses. The defense asked for 2001 LE in temporary compensation and the Prosecution asked the defendants to be given the most severe penalties.


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