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Fourty six NGOs and 268 independent individuals, along with Bishūy Zāri' [Copt who was prevented from appointment in South Valley University although he meets the qualifications], handed a memo to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the Ministry of Social Solidarity [demanding the...
  The National Council for Human Rights 2009 Report included similar points that were tackled in the previous Report of 2008.
The second annual conference organized by the USAID within the framework of media development, was a campaign to assassinate the national press and to promote the yellow press.
Several human rights activists accused the second article of the Egyptian Constitution of flouting the non-Muslims rights at a symposium held by Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies on ’ the plight of the freedom of belief in Egypt.’
The article reports on the international conference about "cultural common grounds" that was held at Cairo University
A research about the characteristics and vocabularies of human rights in secondary school books of religion revealed that issues of doctrine were present more than human rights principles.
Ahmad Kamāl Abū al-Majd, the deputy head of the government’s National Council for Human Rights (N.C.H.R.), says in this interview that it is a right and a duty of the council to express its own views, even if they run counter to the government’s opinions, adding what really preoccupies the...
The deputy head of the National Council for Human Rights (N.C.H.R.), Dr. Kamāl Abū al-Majd, said in a press conference that members of the council have unanimously agreed on the importance of amending articles 76 and 77 of the Egyptian constitution, which deal with the nomination of the...
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