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Muhammad Shibl writes an opinion piece in al-Qāhirah, saying that Kāmilīyā, Wafā' and 'Abīr are three women who became the object of perennial contemplation by a group of Muslim Egyptians, the salafists. These three women have alledgedly converted to Islam and that the church has later forced them...
Muhammad Shibl condemns the recent incident that occurred in Sudan in which a woman was whipped in public because she was wearing trousers. Shibl argues that this punishment goes against Islam, since the Qur'ān states that everyone has the freedom to do whatever he wants, even if it is not right.
Muhammad Shibl provides a general overview of Bahā’īs in Egypt, their reality and history.
In the article the author argues that according to the Qur’ān and sunnah the niqāb is not an obligation.
Shaykh al-Qaradāwī has discussed laws that he believes contradict Islamic Sharī‘ah however both al-Qaradāwī and the author of the article state that some of these issues are not urgent priorities that need to be discussed.
Muhammad Shibl comments on rigid Islamic thinking regarding celebrating non-Islamic feasts.
Muhammad Shibl suggests some points for Muslims living abroad.
The author criticizes the prominent Muslim dā‘iyah Shaykh Khālid al-Jindī for his statement against Islamic thinker Jamāl al-Bannā in which al-Jindī said that he would have killed al-Bannā had he graduated from the Azhar.
For the third consecutive week, Rose al-Yūsuf magazine discusses the thorny issue of the spread of Niqāb among different classes of the Egyptian society.
The author rejects attempts of some Muslim scholars to dig up old heritage books to find H...


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