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Due to the pervasive media reporting both inside Egypt and in the international community, the violent incidents of May 31, 2008 at the Abu Fana Monastery is widely viewed as a sectarian confli
Ihāb Ramzīwas the Christian lawyer representing the monks from the monastery of Abū Fānā. He took on the case a week after the attack on the monastery on May 31, 2008 and claims that he stepped down from the case after the governor of Minia pressured him to do so.
An authority on land-related matters in Egypt expounds on the different laws and problems affecting land registration and disputes over land in Egypt.
A group of interns from Arab-West Report visited Minia to found out the most recent developments in the Abū Fānā conflict. They visited some of the ’Arabs’ in their village near the Abū Fānā monastery.
A group of Arab West Report’s interns visited Minia on January 30-31 in order to follow the latest developments concerning the incidents of Abū Fānā monastery. They were particularly interested in developments related to the criminal aspect of the conflict.
Arab-West Report interns and Sebastian Elsaesser, a German researcher went to Abū Fānā monastery in the district of Mallawi, Upper Egypt in order to visit the monastery, see the Arabs’ land and look at the new fence that has been constructed since the conflict of May 31, 2008.
On September 9 Maria Graversen visited Dayr Mawas and conducted an interview with ‘Alā’ Hassānayn to discuss his role in resolving the Abū Fānā conflict.
On June 18, 2008 a meeting took place in governorate of Minia to study the status of the land surrounding the monastery of Abū Fānā. Many delegates from authorities involved in the issue attended the meeting.
Marianne Mahrūs, an AWR intern responded to Mike Fowler’s comment on Zayn al-‘Abidīn al-Rikābī’s article ’Why did Western countries refuse to protect prophets from insults?’
A delegation of Arab-West Report interns visit the Al-Shafia Center of the Korean Evangelical Church to attend a seminar on the history of the Coptic Church and a lecture on Muslim-Christian relations and report on their perceptions.


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