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  The Ministry of Tourism decided to include the Monastery of St. George the Martyr in its project to develop religious tourism in the Sinai, as the Ministry has also undertaken to popularize and attract more religious groups to visit Egypt.
The Libyan Ambassador to Egypt has said relations between Egypt and Libya will not be affected by the current diplomatic crisis over the imprisoned Copts and demonstrations outside the Libyan Embassy. He also mentioned the ongoing negotiations over the release of some of the detainees. The...
Father Rafīq Greish, head of the Information Office of the Egyptian Catholic Church, said that Egypt's religious tourism potential is great, in particular sites connected to the journey of the Holy Family, a project that is still sitting on the shelf.
Hanān Muhammad writes that all the past decrees issued by President Husnī Mubarāk regarding the building of churches have failed to resolve the issue.   Mustafá al-Fiqī, Head of the Foreign and Arab Affairs Committee at the Shūrá Council, believes that a unified law for building places of worship...
Hanān Muhammad reports on different opinions concerning the unified law for building houses of worship.
In an interview with ON.T.V, Pope Shenouda stated that he had met Protestant Church leaders and stressed the necessity of dialogue between the different denominations. He also reflected on the issue of the regulations for choosing the patriarch.
Ḥanān Muḥammad reports on the opinions of Muslim scholars on the issue of whether Ḥadd al-Riddah should be applied to anyone who leaves Islam.
Academic professors express their views about the establishment of a Fatwá Monitoring System.
The article is based on a listing of articles that tackle two controversial fatwás issued by two prominent Islamic scholars. The first Fatwá was issued by Dr. ‘Izzat ‘Atīyah, the head of the Hadīth Department of the Faculty of Usūl al-Dīn [Fundamentals of Religion] at the Azhar University. The...
The human rights council proposed to cancel the religion entry from the Egyptian identity card. The author reports that there are people who support this amendment and others who reject it.


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